Types of Dental Emergencies

types of dental emergencies
A dental emergency can strike at any time and often strikes when we least expect it. It is vital to have a trusted emergency dentist near you that you can visit when you are dealing with a dental emergency. The Dentists at Northgate are always available to offer you emergency dentistry in North Edmonton. However, you must first understand what a dental emergency is to determine if you require emergency dental services. Here are some of the most common kinds of dental emergencies:

#1 A Broken or Cracked Tooth

Your teeth can break or crack from many things, including impact, teeth clenching and grinding, and old age. There are a few types of cracks that do not require attention because they are superficial. However, if you notice that it starts to hurt when you bite down on food or chew food, or if your gums begin to swell, you will need to contact a dentist right away for an appointment. If left for too long, a crack or break of this nature can lead to infection and potentially tooth loss.

#2 Persistent Oral Bleeding

If you do not maintain a good oral hygiene routine, you may notice that your gums bleed when you floss or brush your teeth. This light amount of bleeding is a normal response to the stimulation from your toothbrush or floss and is not a cause for panic. However, if your mouth is bleeding severely or persistently, this can indicate gum disease, and it is best to contact a dentist in North Edmonton as soon as possible. You will need to know how to manage your gum health moving forward to prevent infection and disease from spreading.

#3 Losing an Adult Tooth

Adult teeth can fall out due to impact from sports injuries or car accidents. If this occurs, handle your tooth by the crown and place it in a shallow container of milk. Bring your tooth with you to a dentist within one hour of the incident to increase your chances of getting the tooth placed back in its socket instead of having to get a false replacement tooth.

#4 Abscessed Gums

An abscess appears as a pimple on your gum line. While it may not seem like an emergency, a dental abscess is caused when pus has gathered below your teeth and in your gums and indicates a serious infection. Do not pop the abscess, and use salt water rinses until you can seek emergency dentistry near you.

#5 Losing a Dental Crown

A crown is meant to last for several years; however, eating sticky and hard food often can cause your dental crown to break or fall out. If you can save your crown once it falls out, bring it with you to the dentist so they can place it back over your tooth. In the interim, avoid eating on that side of your mouth.

Visit The Dentists at Northgate

Now that you know what a dental emergency looks like, you can better recognize when you are in the middle of one. If you ever find yourself dealing with a dental emergency, please do not hesitate to contact our team of dedicated dental professionals in North Edmonton. We are happy to provide high-quality emergency dental services so our patients can continue to maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime.