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Dental Fillings in North Edmonton

dental clinic near Edmonton
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Dental Fillings in North Edmonton

Dental Fillings Near You

Dental fillings work to restore a tooth affected by things such as decay, cracks, and chips. There are many kinds of dental fillings, the main kinds being composite and amalgam fillings. While both kinds have their benefits, composite dental fillings also work to enhance your smile because they are made from a tooth-colored material and can help individuals maintain a natural appearance. The Dentists at Northgate are happy to provide high-quality composite dental fillings in North Edmonton.

Types of Dental Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings used to be the most popular choice for dental fillings. However, in recent years, health concerns have arisen that are connected to amalgam fillings, which is why many dental professionals no longer recommend this filling material.

The Dentists at Northgate offer patients composite fillings. These are durable, tooth-colored fillings that are composed of a composite resin material. These can last for several years with the correct care and blend in perfectly with your smile.

We prioritize patient knowledge and open communication. When you visit our team, we will discuss with you why a composite dental filling is best for your needs and address any of your questions or concerns.

dental fillings near you

How Are Composite Dental Fillings Placed?

The procedure for getting dental fillings is simple and quick. When you arrive at our dental clinic, our dentist will begin by numbing the affected area to ensure that you do not feel any pain. They will then remove the decay after isolating your tooth to ensure that it remains clean and dry. Next, they will place the composite resin material in layers to fill your tooth. Any final adjustments will be made to ensure that your new filling fits comfortably in your bite.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings?

When you choose to get composite dental fillings in North Edmonton, you will benefit from:

  • Long-lasting treatment
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Healthy tooth enamel
  • Increased strength in your tooth

Dental fillings are a safe and simple procedure and are very effective at preventing tooth decay from progressing.

Interested in Composite Dental Fillings Near You?

Composite dental fillings serve an important purpose for restorative dentistry, and The Dentists at Northgate are happy to provide our patients with dental fillings in North Edmonton. Please do not hesitate to contact us and book a consultation today.