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Dr. Bryan Lim, BSc Med., DDS

Dr. Lim earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Bachelor of Medical Sciences degrees at the University of Alberta. He was born in Calgary, Alberta. Visits to the dentist as a child piqued his interest in the field of dentistry. He is passionate about his profession and dedicates time for continuing education. Dr. Lim is a firm believer in lifelong learning and strives to provide his patients the best care possible by incorporating modern technologies and practices.
Dr. Lim’s philosophy is simple: he views and treats his patients like family – with kindness, respect and honesty. Dr. Lim aims to build a positive relationship with every patient.
Dr. Lim’s hobbies include hiking, snowboarding and martial arts. Dr. Lim seeks to improve the well-being of his community and regularly donates his time to volunteerism. He has worked with organizations to deliver free care for homeless individuals in Edmonton, and those living in developing nations such as Guatemala.